Non-Fault Claims

What is a Non-Fault claim?

People often as what a Non-Fault claim is.

A Non-Fault claim is when you have been involved in a collision where you are the innocent party and not at fault.

The service we provide is to deal with the claim from start to finish, removing from you the inconvenience, stress and hassle of dealing with Insurance Companies.  You will not have to contact our your own insurance* (which may work against you even though you are the innocent party).

We will put you in as close to a ‘Like – for – Like’ vehicle for the duration of the repair work.   If you incurr any injury through the collision we have a legal team who will deal with the Personal Injury on your behalf.

The more details you have of the driver and vehicle at fault will speed up the claims process, sometimes a name and registration number is enough to get the process started to  trace, identify and contact the other drivers insurance company.

*Important* Although you do not have to contact your Insurance Company, we strongly advise at renewal times, that you never hold back any information regarding being involved in a vehicle accident whether you were at fault or not as this could affect further claims.